President's Message

Happy New Year

As we all welcomed the year 2020, little did we know that the moral fabric of our society would be upended, the limits of our healthcare system tested, the economy shut down, businesses would be required to shut their doors, and tens of millions of hard-working Americans would lose their livelihood in the blink of an eye. It is not lost on the GRACRE board that while we, and all our members, may feel limited in our ability to lend a helping hand to our communities, we do have a responsibility to play our small part in a broader recovery.

Below I have listed the board’s goals and values of GRACRE. We need your help in making progress, so please step up and volunteer where your talents and passion align with our needs.

Legislative Committee:

On a state and municipal level, there is pending legislation that will significantly impact rezoning, new development, affordable housing, environmental practices, infrastructure spending, and relief to small businesses. The health of our member companies’ employment and housing in our communities will be directly affected by legislation passed in 2021.  please join Rob Benaicha (Legislative Committee Chair) and Bobby Proutt (GRACRE President 2022 and VACRE President 2021) in support of these topics.

Diversity and Inclusion:

Under the leadership of Kristie Inge, our Diversity & Inclusion Committee has been working on ways to foster a more inclusive environment at GRACRE. Our ability to effect change in the industry lobbying for legislative issues or community support of new development requires that we as an organization draw support and ideas from a diverse constituent base. We need your help to achieve this goal so please consider joining our Diversity and Inclusion Committee. Coupled with our Membership Committee, we aim to make every single member feel included and armed with the tools they need to succeed.


During COVID the board and programs committee has worked together to provide our membership with virtual content on a variety of issue this year. To support our region during the pandemic, proceeds from this year’s programs have been reinvested with select community partners that are able to directly impact those in need. We thank our sponsors who enable us to make this possible by continuing to support GRACRE.


As I believe all our members now know, our association manager, Diane Munn, is retiring at the end of this month. Diane has been a committed and loyal supporter of GRACRE helping us manage the organization these last 13 years. We will miss her presence at our meetings and her radiant smile; everyone knows that Diane keeps the organization firing on all cylinders and has supported our growth over the last ten years. Thank you, Diane!!!

As we move forward, we are thrilled to introduce you to our new association manager, Ashley Millen. Ashley has been working behind the scenes with Diane on the transition and is excited about collaborating with the board on advancing our goals and membership benefits moving forward. Welcome Ashley!!! At the bottom of this letter is her contact info.

As your president, my goal for 2021 is to push forward through the headwinds we face to provide quality content, legislative support for commercial and multifamily real estate, and inclusive programming while continuing to act as a careful steward of GRACRE’s financial resources.

I encourage each of you to reach out to a committee chair to discover what you may have to offer our group. If you are not already a member of this premier commercial real estate organization and would like more information, please peruse our website ( and contact us! I look forward to a fun 2020 and thank you in advance for your help and energy in making it a great year for all our members.

It is my honor and privilege to serve as President of GRACRE for 2021. Thanks to the hard work of our Board of Directors, Executive Committee, and our Members. My sincere thanks to Mercer Ferguson for his enthusiastic leadership and for setting GRACRE up for continued success in 2021.


Jason Guillot

2021 GRACRE President


Ashley Millen Contact Info:

Email: [email protected]   

Phone: 804-525-0794